Boss Lady

Boss Lady

I'm starting the pink room because so many cool people come here & always have something great to say or something we can learn from ... umm lets jump right in.

1) What is your greatest accomplishment? I would have to say picking myself back up when I fall. I feel strong and unbreakable, it is so liberating.

2) What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome? I grew up in a broken family, that was always my problem, I felt broken. I felt like I had to surround myself with people,places,and things to feel full of life. I'm at a point where i'm learning to be full on my own.

3) What have you learned from it? I learned that no person, place, or thing can make you happy, if you can't make yourself happy first.

4) They say "Don't judge a book by its cover" what wouldn't we know about you at first glance? It probably looks like I know what I'm doing but half the time I'm just trying to figure it out.

5) What motivates you? I imagine a beautiful future. A family, husband, kids, maybe even get a puppy (shhh my friends think I don't like pets ) ,family vacations. A huge house that all my friends and family can come to during the holidays, birthdays, barbeques that kind of stuff gets me excited and makes me work harder.

6) Heartbreak pro tip: LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, you can't fill another persons cup with an empty pitcher.

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