Braveheart <3

Braveheart <3

Jasmine Ruiz, 24
1) What is your greatest accomplishment? Graduate College
2) What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome? Losing my brother 2 years ago... I felt it and I knew it obviously had to be someone super close to me. We both felt it that day. It was over speeding in a car.
3) What have you learned from it? I learned to take life more seriously, also compassion.
4) Something people wouldn't know about you by looking at you? That I'm really nice haha people think I'm shy but I'm over coming it...
5) What motivates you? My family & husband!
6) Heartbreak pro tip: Don't give up! Don't let anyone walk all over you,also that they're plenty of fish in the sea! 

P.S. you're such a beautiful strong soul! I wish I could sit for hours and learn to be as strong as you! I know you'll continue his legacy and touch hundreds of lives and everyone you meet.



Inam Fraihat

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