Courageous Beauty

Courageous Beauty

April Vanessa,29

1) What is your greatest accomplishment?

I'd have to say that my greatest accomplishment is definitely always staying my own person all my life. Not following the "crowd" in order to fit in but rather holding on to what is true to me as an individual, even if it has always gone against the grain of society.
2) What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome? 

life is full of obstacles, but my greatest obstacle was learning what true courage was. I think my highlight moment of courage was actually a time in which I stood up for my family. I realized that it takes being selfless to build courage because you're fighting for something/ someone other than yourself.

3) What have you learned from it?

I definitely realized how important family is but i really learned how much courage I had. It really sparked something in me to use that courage in my passions like helping others. The more selfless I become the stronger my voice becomes.

4) They say "Don't judge a book by its cover" what wouldn't we know about you at first glance? 

haha, I think it would be that I'm actually a HUGE goofball!!!! I have the corniest jokes and can be super silly! But on the contrary I also love controversial conversations with deep thoughts.

5) What motivates you? My faith definitely motivates me. My faith is what challenges me from the very core of who I am. I'm challenged by my faith to be better each day in every aspect of my life as a daughter, sister,friend, boss, wife etc...


Heartbreak pro tip:   :( I learned to never EVER allow my happiness to be dependent on someone else. Happiness has to come from me, a significant other adds to the happiness but wont ever be my reason to feel fulfilled.

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