The 1st Date!!

The 1st Date!!

I totally crashed their first date! With this interview but I loved it! It was fun, beautiful and raw! Thank you both. Xoxo

1) What is your greatest accomplishment?

J:  A show I just put together for KGG.I

A: Getting my Bachelors in Business Law from CSUN

2) What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?

J: Not talking to my family for over 4 years and having to do everything on my own.

A: A car accident, involving a car that pushed me against a wall and my arm was hanging, so now I have plates and nails in my arm. I was in the hospital for 3 moths and had to go through many surgeries and it took a lot of from me and my childhood like participating in events and being a kid. I was only 10.
3) What have you learned from it? 

J: Still learning, there's so many things I face everyday that you want to run and tell your parents but I'm learning thatI could do this if I keep telling myself that I can.

A: I gained a different perspective of life, to appreciate everything around me, because I could of easily been gone.

4) Something people wouldn't know about you by looking at you? 

J: Nervously says... I wasnt blessed or able to have kids. I found out when I was 19.

A: I'm really determined to be a Lawyer. I love helping people out, we have a corrupt system. Also that I want to start my own clothing brand.

5) What motivates you?

J: Everything motivates me like this right here, motivates me to come out more. My surrounding motivates me.  I find the good in everything.

A: The people that come from nothing and make their way to the top. The process of working from the very bottom to build an empire.

Jasmine adds " ill be in the kitchen cooking" hahaaahaha

6) Heartbreak pro tip:

J: Don't be naive or think everything has to have a happily ever after.

A: Take the time to learn who the person really is before you plan a future that includes the other person. Get to know the person and that last thing you should think about is if you're going to spend your life with them... you'll know when its love.

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