The Graduate

The Graduate

Kelda Rivero, 18

1) What is your greatest accomplishment? Graduating high school because i'm kinda like the first to graduate high school here in the US from my family.

2) What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome? family problems that me and my parents have faced over the years

3) What have you learned from it? I learned that no matter what happens in your family you should always love and be there for each othe.

4) They say "Don't judge a book by its cover" what wouldn't we know about you at first glance?  that im 18, a lot of people think im like 15 aha.

5) What motivates you? my parents, they're all I have.

Heartbreak pro tip: life goes on, we are all going to experince this and learn something from this. People come and go and you have to move on


P.S. she randomly came in after her graduation! she was so cute, and full of life! I had to see what she was about. She's what really motivated me to start this! I never know who comes in and what they're about!XOXO

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