About us

Women's fashion boutique and self titled brand.
Equipped with a defining slogan "Kinda Classy, Kinda Hood" for which helped to develop an aesthetic.
You will find a few dominant items from the collection.
Geared towards comfort and elegance.
We decided to cultivate the rose, as it represents the brand in various ways.
First, it stands as an ode to the brand's flagship store in
Pasadena, California - The City of Roses.
Second, and most importantly, the rose in all its splendor is known for its
universal class & beauty, but while admiring it most people forget that the graceful
blossom is protected by thorns. Harming only those that try & steal its glamour.
This is a parallel description of the brands livelihood & what they believe defines women.
"Kinda Classy, Kinda hood"...using street vernacular to basically say "I'm classy, but I'm fierce."